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concierge telemedicine is good for you and your family's HEALTH


SPEAK WITH A DOCTOR NOW from anywhere you are

Concierge Telemedicine means a doctor is availbale for you 24-7 where ever you may be. As a conceirge member, you and your family can connect to a physician and recieve meaningful medical care. Using video or phone, your family MD is only a click away.

universal emr system Access your health info

Our powerful EMR system called Oliver, safely encrypts and maintains your medical history. If away from home, Oliver can send your precise data in 22 languages to any location, anywhere in the world, guaranteeing personal and maybe life-saving care.

what is concierge medicine?

You pay only $5.00 per month per member to call a physician at any time. Whether it’s a simple medical problem or a more complex chronic issue, your USTM physicians provide precise and personalized treatment to help you at any time. Care is always a click away.

becoming a member is so simple and so fast

Just click on the logo above, fill out the medical information form on line for you and your family. The more data you provide the more meaningful care can be provided to you. Sign the Concierge agreement and you are set! Watch for the email with all the details you will need.

It's all about experience

Celebrating 11 Years of Primary Telemedicine Care
Telemedicine provides comfort, security and wellness.

One of the most difficult issues facing all of us is timely medical care. No more waiting days or weeks to see and speak with a physician. Telemedicine levels the playing field by providing direct and instant access to doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. Services are available in most US states. All efforts are supported by a robust HL-7 EMR using proprietary logic and providing a safe and secure platform for all medical practitioners and patients. The EMR's usage of Surescript for E-Prescriptions, allows patients to be served with ease and comfort. We have been providing medical care in the USA since 2008. Call us with all your telehealth needs - you will be happy you did! Thank you for visitng our web site, we look forward to hearing from you.

  • Using Video, Phone or Web

  • Call From Anywhere In The World

  • Common Colds to Chronic Issues

  • Tele-Triage, 2nd Opinion - RPM



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